Battonage Transforms Chardonnay

Familia Cassone, Mendoza Argentina    

Varietal: 100% Chardonnay

Aged 6 months in French Oak with Battonage

I have to tell you that I had no intention of writing a review. I see that it is a Chardonnay. Chardonnay is Chardonnay.

Then I placed the glass to my lips “OH MY GOD” immediately escaped my lips. THIS CHARDONNAY IS AMAZING!!!

The best of three worlds: oaky & buttery like your typical California Chards, fruity and crisp. “This is Mark’s (former winemaker from Chrysalis Vineyards) Chardonnay Reserve.”

This has to be a blend. This is way too fruity. It reminds me of a Sauvignon Blanc.

Goodness! My palate is covered with tropical flavors of pineapple. The aromas of cherries and honey are intoxicating. I check the label again, “This can’t be 100% Chardonnay”.  The label says it’s 100% Chardonnay from Argentina.

All I can say this Chardonnay blew me away and I am a red wine lover.  I love surprises like this; it’s been awhile. There’s definitely a case purchase in the near future.

Now, I ask myself “What Is Battonage?”  Battonage is the process of stirring wine while they remain in their barrels on their yeast lees (deposit of dead or residual yeast).

The Battonage process has transformed the Chardonnay grape and I like it, A LOT! 🙂


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