tavernelloWho doesn’t love the Italian language? Well, there may be a few, regardless, I DO! Word recognition is not a problem; pronunciation, on the other is an issue, not an issue, I just struggle a little :). Who am I kidding, Rosetta Stone becomes frustrated at my lack of the Italian tongue and it just moves to the next section, in frustration of my mispronunciation.  I have faith that I will learn and I refuse to give up :).

I roam around my own personal Tinderbox in Woodbridge, VA, listening to Dr. Jenn’s, COSMO radio, insightful wisdom on relationship and sex. SHE’S AWESOME!

While peeping in The Professional’s refrigerator, I wonder, “What should I choose to entertain myself”. It’s early in the day, so I choose a white. Hmm… what is this? Italian can’t go wrong.

Fifteen minutes pass to take the chill off, I take a sip not expecting anything fantastic and…..  O—My—Goodness! TAVERNELLO is DELICIOUS! YUMMMY!  Urgently, I snap a pic of the bottle with my ipad2, which takes horrible pictures, and I hunt for a pen and piece of paper. I can’t help to take a second sip while hunting, eyes close, head sways back and forth, soooo good!

I relax myself with this tasty light golden-silvery delight. TAVERNELLO (said in Italian accent), is Italy’s number one selling wine and is drank every day. Wonderful sweet aromas, (I can feel the anticipation building, wanting to taste this wine against my lips again) and citrusy, tropical fruit flavors. The third sip is just as delightful as the first two sips :).

TAVERNELLO is an authentic fruit-forward and easy drinking wine; definitely agree. Over 25 years, Italian families have enjoyed TAVERNELLO. TAVERNELLO pairs well with pizza, fettuccine alfredo, salad and light Italian dishes. I can see why Italians drink this wine every day.

The winelibrary.com is advertising the wine for under $6; you can’t beat that price, so stock up!