What Women Do Best, Multi-Tasking: SIPPING and CLEANING!

2011 Ferrari-Carano BELLA LUCE (Sonoma County) Woke up with a headache and to a cold and quiet house, eerie. One teen is at a sleepover and the other, probably working, she’s turning into a workaholic like her mother; nothing wrong with a girl having ambition. I have been lying in this bed for two hours and it’s apparentContinue reading “What Women Do Best, Multi-Tasking: SIPPING and CLEANING!”

The Word of the Day is “TAVERNELLO!”

Who doesn’t love the Italian language? Well, there may be a few, regardless, I DO! Word recognition is not a problem; pronunciation, on the other is an issue, not an issue, I just struggle a little :). Who am I kidding, Rosetta Stone becomes frustrated at my lack of the Italian tongue and it justContinue reading “The Word of the Day is “TAVERNELLO!””