Book Radio and a California Pinot Noir

old soul - 2010 Pinot NoirI arrived to his place anxiously, hurrying up the stairs not wanting to miss any part of Sirius-XM Book Radio, Gayle Forman – “Where She Went”. The main male character, Adam, a rock star is at Carnegie Hall listening to his long-lost love, Mia Hall, play the cello.

My hands are full and before I knock, he opens the door, “Hi Babe!” I quickly enter and excited to hear that he is also listening to Book Radio – Where She Went. Great minds think alike. 🙂 I whisper, “What did I miss?” Simultaneously, our eyes say “Ssh…” I nod.

There’s a quick radio break before the next chapter begins. Smiling, I quickly say, “You look good, Babe.” He smiles, “Well, thank you!” “What would you like?” I respond, “Anything”. He pours us a Pinot Noir.

The book begins and back to silence. I examine my glass of wine; color – a cloudy-murky Pinot Noir. Hmm… the wine appearance is similar to a red wine served chilled, which it was not.

Sniff – a deep inhale, wonderful berries and peppery aromas.  Taste – oaky, a slight bitterness that tightens my cheeks; ok let’s try this again. There’s slight plums flavors on the back of my palate. Even though an aerator was used, the wine still needs to breathe. The 2nd sip is a lot more enjoyable. YUM!

End of Chapter 5, we are now speaking and I ask, “What type of wine is this?” He presented a 2010 “Old Soul”. Old Soul was first
enjoyed at WineStyles, Montclair, VA, which has become our regular Saturday spot before hanging out at the Montecristo Lounge
(Cigar Palace), Alexandria, VA.

Thirty minutes have passed and the wine is bursting with plum and berry flavors. This is a delicious wine! I’m becoming to really like
California’s Pinot Noirs.

If you’re in the Northern Virginia area, stop by a WineStyles, you will not be disappointed.


• Old Soul – California, Lodi region – cost: $15-$17

• For more information on Gayle Forman – “Where She Went” visit:

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