Josh and AVO – A Magnificent Pair

On this nice pre-Spring day, the bees are already out and the birds are chirping. Before the sun sets and to relieve this stress that has me knots, a 2012 Josh (Josh Cellars) Pinot Noir is calling my name. Josh has vibrant ruby color and its bright cherry aroma is welcoming me. “Well, Hello Josh!”Continue reading “Josh and AVO – A Magnificent Pair”

Part Two: 6 for $60 Challenge, the Quest for Goodness”

If you have not read Part One of “Harris Teeter Six for Sixty (6 for $60) Challenge, the Quest for Goodness”. Here’s a recap: While grocery shopping online at Harris Teeter, they had a BIG WINE SALE and many of the wines were under $10.00. Curiosity got the best of me and I wondered ifContinue reading “Part Two: 6 for $60 Challenge, the Quest for Goodness””

“Six for Sixty Challenge, the Quest for Goodness”

One of my favorite domestic chores is grocery shopping online at Harris Teeter with curbside pick-up (perfect for this freezing weather). I have reached the wine section and BAM! Harris Teeter is having a BIG WINE SALE! There are so many delicious wines on sale. What really surprises me is the number of wines soldContinue reading ““Six for Sixty Challenge, the Quest for Goodness””

“The Computer Ate My Paper” – New Jersey 2013 Harvest Wine Festival

New Jersey 2013 Harvest Wine Festival Hilton, Short Hills, NJ Weeks of searching for this wine review and still MIA. This is why I prefer handwriting my reviews before typing.  Handwriting feeds my obsession with hard back journals and stationary. Writing is exhilarating: seeing your thoughts on paper, hurried penmanship from words spilling out andContinue reading ““The Computer Ate My Paper” – New Jersey 2013 Harvest Wine Festival”

Yes, Here’s Another 2013 Top List – My Top 20 “Must Buy” Wines of 2013

Since everyone is releasing their top lists of 2013, I had to jump on the bandwagon and publish my Top 20 “Must Buy” wines that I tasted in 2013. There is no way that I would be able to rank the wines from first to twentieth. Therefore, I chose to list the wines in alphabeticallyContinue reading “Yes, Here’s Another 2013 Top List – My Top 20 “Must Buy” Wines of 2013”

Book Radio and a California Pinot Noir

I arrived to his place anxiously, hurrying up the stairs not wanting to miss any part of Sirius-XM Book Radio, Gayle Forman – “Where She Went”. The main male character, Adam, a rock star is at Carnegie Hall listening to his long-lost love, Mia Hall, play the cello. My hands are full and before IContinue reading “Book Radio and a California Pinot Noir”

Dundee Hills, Oregon – Pinot Noir

8-2-12 @ 10:16pm – While my 19-year-old daughter is watching Ice Age, I have wine on the brain. Since, I can’t drink it; I will write and read about wine. I have to tell you that it’s great to have a significant other who supports you and understands your passion of wine. The Professional savedContinue reading “Dundee Hills, Oregon – Pinot Noir”