Josh and AVO – A Magnificent Pair

On this nice pre-Spring day, the bees are already out and the birds are chirping. Before the sun sets and to relieve this stress that has me knots, a 2012 Josh (Josh Cellars) Pinot Noir is calling my name.


Josh has vibrant ruby color and its bright cherry aroma is welcoming me. “Well, Hello Josh!” “Mmmm Josh, you are YUMMY! Your fruit-forward cherry and raisin flavors are delicious.”  Second sip,  I am reminded of berry flavored natural dried fruit snacks; not the fruit roll-up kids love. This is an excellent treat!

Time to see if AVO Uvezian Heritage and Josh Pinot Noir can play along nicely.

I have always been a fan of AVO cigars. Around 2008/09, I had the great pleasure of personally meeting AVO at Famous Smoke Cigar Expo and gifted with two of those beautiful AVO ashtrays displayed the below picture, which was a hot item at the event.





Did you know AVO Uvezian is a jazz pianist? Yes. In a NY Times article, dated December 27, 2015, by Jacob Langston, it is reported that AVO Uvezian wrote the melody to Frank Sinatra’s “Strangers in the Night”. Unfortunately, Mr. Uvezian did not receive any credit. Following is a link of Mr. Uvezian playing his melody:

youtube video: AVO Uvezian Jazz Pianist Playing

To learn more about AVO Uvezian visit and video on the history of AVO Uvezian cigars at History of AVO Uvezian Cigars .

This early evening, I’m having a AVO Heritage short robusto. The draw is tight and rolling between my fingers is not loosening the cigar. I am dire need a cigar poker; time to get creative. A metal skewer will do just fine. Hey! this cigar is too good to discard because the draw is tight. OH YES, much better!


AVO Heritage is a smooth medium-full bodied cigar with hint of cocoa. The Heritage is Ecuadorian sun-grown wrapper with Dominican binder and fillers. AVO Heritage is a VERY NICE SMOKE! So happy we are getting acquainted. 🙂

The 2012 Josh Pinot Noir has introduced some herbal notes to AVO that was not previously noticeable. In addition, the Pinot Noir is enhancing the cocoa flavor on finish. Josh pairs magnificently with AVO Heritage; GREAT COMBINATION!


The damp Spring-like air and the AVO are producing aromas of manure GAROSS! Ok, it’s not the cigar. A neighbor must be mulching their yard-MANURE IS IN THE AIR. The smell is affecting my smoking experience. It’s the same displeasure when you are enjoying a cigar and you get a whiff of sweet aromas. You immediately find yourself searching the room for the culprit. I don’t know about you, but the scent of sweet aromas causes a few moments of disruption. By the way, I do not have anything against flavored cigar; I too enjoy a Java Maduro. I digress…

Josh and AVO, you are a perfect end to a stressful week!


Salute! Sante’!

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