Yes, Here’s Another 2013 Top List – My Top 20 “Must Buy” Wines of 2013

Since everyone is releasing their top lists of 2013, I had to jump on the bandwagon and publish my Top 20 “Must Buy” wines that I tasted in 2013. There is no way that I would be able to rank the wines from first to twentieth. Therefore, I chose to list the wines in alphabeticallyContinue reading “Yes, Here’s Another 2013 Top List – My Top 20 “Must Buy” Wines of 2013”

2006 Tumara Pinotage – “You’ve Been Missed”

2006 Tumara Pinotage – I Miss You! Let me begin with “I Miss You!” You never know how you miss communication with individual(s) or an object until it becomes obsolete or missing in action. It’s been 3 weeks and my laptop is still undergoing repairs. A power cord connection repair turned into replacement of theContinue reading “2006 Tumara Pinotage – “You’ve Been Missed””

Celebrating with Pinotage

Today is a day of celebration and indulgence. I completed a week of changing my eating habits.  I’m celebrating a week of no processed foods, no caffeine or wine and I feel fantastic!  Eating clean is a very strict way of living. I’ve decided to eliminate processed foods and eat more fresh fruit, vegetables andContinue reading “Celebrating with Pinotage”