Blast from the Past – 2007 Lello Douro

Due to medical issues, my wine tasting went from decrease to seize. Today, I’m sharing a wine review from January 2012. You will immediately notice that my writing style has change greatly; there is no need to take a bathroom break. 🙂

Blast from the Past – 2007 Lello Douro 

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I’m sipping on Lello Douro, a Portuguese red wine. Not sure where I got it, but it’s VERY bold. It has a deep rich color. Taste -“OOH!” instantly escapes my lips; starts out FULL then quickly mellows out. Mild cherries flavors softly grace my palate. (Bewildered) I was expecting more.  I need to start over…

Swirling and sniffing – woodsy oaky aromas. Wine is 57 degrees.  I’m cradling the glass to warm, hoping more flavors will emerge. I don’t know the variety, BUT I LIKE! Time for research.

Here’s what I found: Lello is an elegant, fruity wine made from the traditional Douro varieties: Touriga-Nacional, Touriga-Franca, Tinta-Roriz and Tinta-Barroca. The Douro region is traditionally known for producing Ports. Lello Douro is a good accompaniment to grilled meat and game or can be enjoyed on its own.

Is Lello Douro available now? Yes, in the Washington, DC area with an average cost of $9.00. As of today, my go to online wine merchant does not have the wine in stock. Trust and believe if you want it they can get it by place a special order. (See below) – SPECIAL ORDERING – Submit a form and one of our representatives will contact you within 2-3 business days with availability and pricing information regarding your inquiry. You may also choose to contact us at (888) 980-WINE. In order to better serve you, please allow the 2-3 business days before calling.


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