Fitzrada Eases Furlough Woes!

I sit here dozing off to sleep, body exhausted from keeping my mind occupied. I have reorganized my storage room and began to clear out the garage.

My mind wanders “How in the H did we get here AGAIN?” This can’t be happening GOODNESS! We have the biggest bunch of drama queens running our country. Decisions are always made at the last-minute after throwing tantrums. Us, Federal employees report to work, work long hours and many haven’t received a raise in years. It feels like, no, not feel, what they ARE showing us is WHO CARES! On the radio, a caller stated that Federal government employees deserve to be furloughed because they don’t do anything anyway. Thinking about his words now, pisses me off. IGNORANT A..! (Exhale)

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A long long time ago, when you had to take a civil service test to enter the Federal Government job (yes, I’m dating myself), the federal government was prime employment, offered job security. HA, not anymore! We are just pawns, disposable. So much for job security, so much for the capturing that ultimate job. If WE performed our duties the way our government is operating, we would be reprimanded then placed on indefinite suspension; can’t forget about those Douglas Factors, everyone had the right to due process. We can only hope that one day, hopefully in my lifetime (I’m optimistic) that Congress will be held accountable for their actions. They will know what it feels like to be a Federal government employee. One can have dreams. 

With that being said, I’m utilizing my furlough time wisely and treating myself to an aromatic 2009 Willowcroft Fitzrada. Fitzrada has a deep ink-like color; BIG blackberry, ripe cherries and spicy aromas; peppery, woodsy with hint of licorice flavors, mild tannins and a nice long finish (every sip my eyes close).


What does Fitzrada mean? Fitzrada is named after a Thoroughbred hunter jumper who lived at Willowcroft. Fitzrada is a blend of Merlot, Chambourcin, and Cabernet Sauvignon and pleasing to all the senses! The best description for Fitzrada is BIG, JUICY and DELICIOUS!

Willowcroft with its breathtaking scenic views is a must visit; you will not be disappointed. I’ve been a club member for years. It’s a real wine club that has FREE events for its members and of course, AMAZING wines! Don’t you love those wine clubs that advertise events and dinners for wine club members only, but you have to pay to attend (thumbs down).

Sadly, I have to report that Fitzrada is only available to wine club members, which is exactly why you need to join! Ask for Kelly and tell her Tree sent you!

Food pairing: pizza and red pasta sauce dishes. Fitzrada can also be served chilled during the summer!

For more information on Willowcroft visit


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