“Closet of Wines”

The government shutdown has provided so much free time to clean and reorganize my home. Now, I’m ready to help “The Professional” pack some moving boxes. What makes packing enjoyable? Wine!:)

MarimarChard ThePrisonerFirst, I check the refrigerator and there is an open 2007 Marimar Chardonnay from Don Miguel Vineyard. I take a sip….Ewww CORKED!

Next, I search through his wine cellar (hallway closet), looking for a red wine. Like radar, my eyes instantly go to a bottle of Orin Swift’s “The Prisoner”.  Yummy, I like this selection but this wine is too good for packing boxes. My eyes continue to scan and they come across a 2011 Borsao Rose; not in the mood for a Rose, too light.

Borsao_Rose wineDievole_wineThere’s a wine label that has an illustration of an Italian man that can pass for The Professional’s brotherJ. The wine is called “Dievole”, a red wine from Tuscany. I’m intrigued, but I keep searching for what else is in this “closet of wines” that tickles my fancy that is not too good for the task at hand.  I packed one box and I cannot pack another. I’m on a mission, I MUST HAVE SOMETHING TO SIP ON! Walking… Searching… TA-DA! I find his WineStyles shipment and select a Tempranillo.  From past experience, this is good choice. WineStyles always selects the best wines for their wine club members. It is not at proper temperature, a little warm but drinkable.

Ebeia TempranilloI’m typing this blog and just realize that I did not write down the name of the wine nor did I take a picture of the bottle.  It’s clear “sipping” was the only thing on my mind. GOODNESS!

What I can share is the texture is thin with oaky and slight peppery aromas. I’m writing and writing…. and I’m flooded with “Goodness, enough already just take a sip!” I cannot help to laugh out loud.  Excitedly, I take a sip and YUMMY! Fruit-forward with big cherry and berries flavors.

A little investigation goes a long way. The mysterious Tempranillo is Ebeia Tempranillo (Spain). Thank you WineStyles!


Average cost: $14 – Pairs well with Jambalaya

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