BREAUX VINEYARDS! Deliciously Amazing!

Loudon Wine MapIf you live in Virginia, visited Virginia wine country or read about Virginia wines, you heard of Breaux Vineyards.  So, when “The Professional” informed that he has never been to Breaux, a trip was quickly plan.

Today is a beautiful day for a drive in the Virginia countryside.  The fall colors are amazing, resembling landscape painting.  I LOVE THE FALL!  My attempts to capture the beautiful colors are unsuccessfully.  For some reason, the iPhone only produces dark brown shadow of trees; this is bizarre. Regardless, I sit back and admire the beauty that surrounds us.

Loudoun wine country is only 25 miles from Washington, DC and has more than 35 wineries. Driving along winding roads, we pass many wineries: 8 Chains North, 868 Estate, Doukenie and Loudoun Valley, to name a few.

We finally arrive and the landscape is breathtaking!  I notice my partner is sluggish from the long drive; I need to get some wine in him, quickly! 🙂

Breaux landscape

A friendly young lady begins our tasting with the following whites:

2012 Jolie Blond – Jolie means “pretty”. 100% Seyval Blanc. My thoughts instantly went to Aspen Dale Winery’s Seyval Blanc, which left a memorable mark on the tasters, who described the wine as turpentine. Well, Breaux’s Jolie is far from turpentine.  Jolie possesses no color, clear as water and had pleasant orange citrus aromas; floral and orange flavors and BIG creamy finish. Delightful!  Cost:  $18

2012 Viognier – Another white wine that possess very little color. The Viognier has tropical fruit and peach aromas with toasty flavors.  The second sip produces more fruit flavors. Do not let the lack of color fool you, this is wonderful surprise. Very Nice! Cost: $28

The last of whites is a 2012 Rose – The tasting room clerk states the wine has five different varieties.  Of course, I ask which ones, BIG MISTAKE!  She looks at me, as if I asked her to borrow money. I was taught when you are pouring wine, be aware of the wine composition.  Chrysalis Vineyard was a wonderful teacher.  We were not expected to know everything but at least know the wine composition. Good ole Mr. Cochran came to the rescue. The Rose consists of Merlot, which has the largest percentage, Seyval, Cabernet Sauvignon, Nebbiolo and Chambourcin.  Big swirl-opening up the aromas, nose deep in the glass and I inhale deeply … butter-creamy aromas. If you close your eyes you would not know you are sipping on a rose. I’m not picking up any fruit flavors but the wine has a long silky finish.  The tasting sheet describes the wine having red berries with hints of orange zest and lavender flavors; definitely a miss. I guess all the attention on the 5 different varieties impaired my taste buds. Regular. Cost: $19

YES, time for the reds!

Equation – There isn’t a vintage on the bottle because the wine is a blend of different vintages from Malbec, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Chambourcin and Petit Verdot; 89% comes from 2011 varietals. Earthy, oaky with sour cherries flavors. I like! Cost: $17

2006 Merlot – BIG aromas of fig clove and prunes. My senses are doing cartwheels.  I’m also picking up molasses aromas. A Merlot with sweet spicy Port aromas, this is a first.  I can’t wait to taste this wine, but I’m patient. I take it all in and on the second sniff, there’s wet musky aromas. Finally, time for the taste; sipping – rolling, bring in more oxygen and I’m filled with flavors of spice and cherries. This is not your typical Merlot. Very Nice Surprise! AWESOME!  Cost: $28

Breaux Merlot

I’m still doing cartwheels and cannot wait to taste the 2006 Cabernet Sauvignon. The 2006 Cabernet Sauvignon is just as delicious as the 2006 Merlot. Dark rich color, smoky and spicy aromas. Flavors of oak and berries with a soft long finish.  Lip-licking Nice! Cost: $29

Breaux Vineyards red wines are deliciously amazing!

My performance led the tasting room clerk to ask about my wine background. I shared that I worked at a vineyard since 2004 and taken several wine classes.  Her response, “Wow, you work at a vineyard and you visit other wineries.” Surprised by her response, I said yes, we have to support our Virginia wineries and Virginia has some amazing wines.  She shared that she’s only tasted Breaux wines.  I recommended that she visit other Virginia vineyards and compare them to Breaux.

Time for the Off Dry and Sweet Wines:

2012 Chere Marie – Means “lovely”. 100% Vidal Blanc.  A nice semi-sweet white wine with only 1.5% residual sugar.  Grapefruit and melon aromas with light tropical fruit flavors. Nice. Cost:  $19

2012 Nebbiolo Ice – 100% Nebbiolo. A fruity HEAVY dessert wine that I can feel slowly going down. The taste reminds me of candy apples. 10% residual sugar, WOWZER! Cost: $32

It was a relaxing tasting, well worth the 1:15 hour drive. We tipped the clerk (showing our thanks, which is a must unless they were horrible), purchased a couple of bottles and some eats. Next stop, Willowcroft Vineyard Halloween party, another Loudoun County Vineyard.

Visit for a copy of Loudon County Wine trail map. The site also has a trip planner.


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