Potomac Point Winery & Vineyard

Hidden Jewel with a Female Touch

It was love at first. Years ago, I discovered this hidden jewel buried deep in the back, against the wall at the massive Dulles Expo Center, VA.

Our location was up front and center. Prime location, only for the elite vineyards or for those who could afford or influential and that indeed was Chrysalis Vineyards.  The station was packed with patrons and wine was flowing. One of the “beanies” of working wine events are free access to 100s of wine, waiting to be explored.

Break time couldn’t come sooner enough, strolling through the massive center, squeezing through the many patrons. I stumbled across a small station, in the back, with a petite woman smiling, with stacks of clay jugs affixed with the picture of Pocahontas labeled as Norton Reserve.

Potomac Point Pocahantos Norton Reserve

Intrigued, I had to engage and the petit woman explained that she’s the owner of a new vineyard located near Quantico. BRILLIANT, very little competition! There aren’t many, if any, wineries located on the southern corridor of 95 in Northern VA. She proceeded to pour from a clay jug. 100% Norton and it was FANTASTIC! I purchased three jugs of Pocahontas.

Like a kid who found a “golden ticket” (childhood favorite), I shared with everyone my new found-a delicious Norton called Pocahontas in the clay jug.  Every volunteer visited Potomac Point Winery station and it was mutually agreed the Pocahontas Norton Reserve was FANTASTIC!

Weekends later working at Chrysalis, Potomac Point Winery & Vineyard was still buzzing. One customer exclaimed, “You haven’t been to the winery! You have to visit; it definitely has a female touch!”

The next day, I took a visit to Potomac Point and this place was amazing; it definitely has a female touch from the outside in. My eyes widen, head swirling around, taking in the view.  A Mediterranean building with terra-cotta roof tiles, wrought iron grape vines bordering the outside patio, hilltops of grapevines and Humidor Hill for cigar lovers. 

The tasting room is breathtaking; minus the wine glass and grapes, the ceiling depicts Michelangelo’s “The Creation of Adam” (God and Adam hands almost touching); an indoor bistro lounge; olive oil tasting, banquet room for wedding and parties and an underground barrel room, just to name a few highlights. THEY THOUGHT OF EVERYTHING!

Potomac Point pic 1

courtesy of Potomac Point Winery & Vineyard
courtesy of Potomac Point Winery & Vineyard

Potomac Point pic3

view from Humidor Hill
view from Humidor Hill
Humidor Hill - road view
Humidor Hill – road view
Enjoying a smoke on Humidor Hill
Enjoying a smoke on Humidor Hill

Overtime, we created friendships and partaken in some activities that unfortunately did not turn out well. Regardless of these trials, demographics and time always had us venturing back to the vineyard; deep down hoping, wanting to rekindle the love affair.

We pulled into VIP Parking (inside joke), entered the vineyard and walked up to the heart of the vineyard-the tasting counter and the tasting began. Instead of providing a detail list of wines that were tasted, I will share the wines that left an impression and share my tasting sheet (a look into the mind of Treevinos:)).

A blogger's tasting sheet :)
A blogger’s tasting sheet 🙂

2012 La Belle Vie White (60% Vidal, 10% Chardonnay, 10% Traminette, 10% Rkatsiteli, 5% Viognier & 5% Petit Manseng) – Their most popular white, crisp, semi-sweet white wine with only 1.5% residual sugar with hints of citrus and melons. Good!

We are poured a Coyote Cave Red (65% blends of Cabernet Franc and Chambourcin, 20% Tannat & 15% Norton) – Coyote Cave is the name of the cellar. During the cellar construction, coyotes entered and left paw prints in the concrete, thusly, the cave being named “Coyote Cave”. Coyote cave is a light bodied red wine with a quick finish.

In the middle of our tasting, the first lady of Potomac Point enters the tasting room and the tasting room clerks scattered, rushing to their places and quickly locating their Santa hat placing it on their head, even our kind Jewish clerk. HA! I know that feeling.

Tasting the 2010 Petit Verdot (75% Petit Verdot, 18% Tannat, 7% Norton), Gasping-almost spitting out wine, “sh..”, this man almost made me cuss! I hear a softly: “They must have gotten this winemaker off of Craigslist”, “I’d rather pick-up bottles from the ABC store and it doesn’t help with the first lady entering with a sour look.” Yes, other than the peppery aromas, this is not your typical Petit Verdot; light to medium-bodied with a quick finish. My eyes glaring in shock, we moved onto the next wine.

 2010 Rabelos Port (50% Touriga Nacional, 30% Chambourcin 20% Tinta Cao) – aged in Bourbon barrel and tastes like chocolate cherry cordials. VERY TASTY!

 The tasting ended with the 2012 Moscato Dolce (100% Moscato, 14% residual sugar) – way too heavy and sweet to my liking; but liked by The Professional,mmm… This is delicious”.

We tipped the tasting clerk and ventured into the lounge warming up with a cup of “Hot Toddy” made with the 2010 Rabelos Port and some eats. And guess who serves us, a friendly face, “Mike”! We recognize each other instantly and pleasantries are shared. Settling into the sofa, we smile and realize this is why we come back; not the wine, even though there are hopes for another Pocohantas Norton Reserve or 2006 Chardonnay Reserve, and yes it is the only vineyard on the northern VA-95 South, it is  tasting room clerks like “Mike” that makes the visit memorable and worthwhile.

I’ve said it before, “Our environment affects our wine tasting experience”. How many times have you bought wine, taken it home, open days later and thought, “What in the world was I thinking!” You got caught up! :), it happens to all of us. 

bar area of lounge
bar area of lounge
Hot Toddy
Hot Toddy

Potomac Point pic8

view from lounge
view from lounge

If you are travelling through Northern Virginia on 95, visit Potomac Point Winery & Vineyard, you will definitely get caught up in the experience.


Potomac Point Winery & Vineyard – 275 Decatur Road, Stafford, VA 22554, P: 540-446-2266. www.potomacpointwinery.com

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