What Brings You Joy?

WHAT BRINGS YOU JOY? Tonight (January 9, 2020), well this morning, for the umpteen time, I’m asked, “What brings you joy? In the past, my immediate response was wine and cigars; shoot, my name is Treevinos (Tree wines). Now, I found myself contemplating this question. But this morning, the response was clear, “Besides my family, my home!”

Decorating and renovating my home as always brought me joy. DING! DING! Bells and whistles went off; I can shop for hours at home decor stores. I even found pleasure scouring the aisles of Home Depot and Lowes. But ask me to go to a mall, YIKES! 

The joy of decorating came from my mother, who was always decorating our two-level apartment.  As teenagers, she allowed my sister and I to have free-rain on our bedroom. Yes, there was black walls, blacklight posters, and album covers and magazine serving as posters hung on walls.

“Always take care of your home; if you don’t respect your home, no one else will.”

by Mother-dear Mary

Wise words from Mother-dear that’s stuck with me since I was 16; okay, flashback is over. 

Now, I’m far from the amazing and inspirational interior designers and influencers that I follow on instagram; however, like them, I too enjoy decorating my home. I don’t have a mansion, far from it. I’ve been in my split-level home for over 20 years and went from traditional to eclectic to Tuscany decors. Now, I want to transition to a modern-glam decor and keeping some of my favorite wood pieces. We will see if I can pull it off and I can promise you there will be LOTS of fails, but I will have fun trying.

I’ve already begun to share my home transformation on my Instagram. I hope you’ll stick around and watch me Do What Brings Me Joy! Now subscribe below and go follow me on Instagram, Treevinos”.

Remember, “Love Life and Do What Brings You Joy!”

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"Love Life & Do What Brings You Joy!"

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