Nespresso, A New Found Love!

My long lost love for wine has been replaced with coffee. I have always enjoyed a good cup of coffee and considered myself a coffee lover. Like wine, I enjoyed exploring coffee shops. Years ago, I frequently visited the Grape and Bean in Alexandria, VA. (Check out my wine blog on Grape and Bean that I wrote in 2012.) I remember the Grape and Bean delicious charcuterie board and exploring there delicious wines and coffees, specifically the international wines and their Mexican coffee. At the end of a pleasant dinner, I always graced myself with a cup of coffee. Their coffee was far from Folgers or Maxwell House (no disrespect to Folgers or Maxwell; just not my cup of tea, well coffee.) 😂

Then there was Starbucks, which became an addiction. 🤦🏾‍♀️ My Starbucks order was a Grande skim toffee nut latte with little whip at 150 degrees. The coffee is supposed to be at least at 150 degrees. But, many times, I would walk 2 blocks to my office and my latte was cold. Yes, I was that obnoxious customer. When the Barista, remember by order, they received a very generous tip.😊 In the early 2000, I consumed three Grande (16 ounces) a day. One in the morning, at 2:00pm to prevent the daily crash and a cup for my 1.5 hour commute home. Sadly, there were times a cup of coffee replaced lunch. Regardless of how many cups I had a day, my coffee consumption never interrupted my sleep.

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I recall my dad, may he rest in peace♥️, telling me not to support big coffee businesses like Starbucks; support the small operations like Caribou, which at the time was small.

Regardless of the many coffees I have tasted, Starbucks Pikes Place and Italian Roast became my daily home-brews. No matter, what store I visited, primarily Home Goods, if I saw a box of Keurig Pikes Place or Italian Roast, multiple boxes went into my cart.

My old coffee station consisted of a Cuisinart automatic-drip coffeemaker, Keurig, French Press and a kettle, which was primarily used for tea. My mood dictated the type of coffee I would start my day.


Above slideshow is my glam coffee station, as of February 12, 2021. 😊 Many products are from Inspire Me! Home Decor and Home Goods, of course.

In 2020, when I revamped my Instagram, over and over I saw Instagram stories of Nespresso. In the early 2000’s, I recall being introduced to Nespresso at Sur La Table in Washington, DC. I did not give the expensive Nespresso machine any consideration.

A lovely Italian gentleman at Dolce Vita in Fairfax, VA, an Italian shop and cafe, explained the coffee did not matter, the importance was the machine. The same gentleman turned me onto Nervo D’Avola and Amarone region wines, which I recommend highly. I agree, the machine makes a significant difference on the taste of coffee. In my opinion, the type of beans are just as important to having a great cup of coffee.

The Nespresso machine has changed my coffee experience. My first cup of Nespresso coffee had my palate bursting with creamy, nutty, malting and roasted flavors. My Cuisinart auto-drip and Keurig are no match to the Nespresso Vertulo coffeemaker! The Nespresso coffee is EXTRAORDINARY and I’m in Love!

Waking up and being FABULOUS with the help of Nespresso! : )

Being the Coupon Queen, I strive to become and not doing a good job, when I receive a coupon for over twenty-percent off, this Mama cannot ignore and must make a purchase. I received my second Nespresso order and utilized my second thirty-percent off Nespresso coupon and Welcome Gift Offer. Guess what arrived in the second shipment? A thirty-percent off coupon on all accessories. Nespresso must know I am a sucker for coupons.

The one thing that I do not need are coffee accessories. The Welcome Gift, which was free, included two free glass coffee mugs, two retro coasters and a box of coffee that contained ten coffee pods. So, this Mama purchased a traveling mug. Hey! One can never have enough travel mugs, especially in this house; travel mugs go missing like socks.

Nespresso Coffee and Welcome Gift

I never thought I would depart from my Keurig. But, I have succumbed to the hype and joined the Nespresso bandwagon. I am having fun exploring the multitude of coffee flavors Nespresso has to offer.

Now, lets’ see if I can become a “foam artist”. 😋

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