Saturday Fun – Closet Organization on a Budget, a Very Low Budget!

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Saturday fun, HA!

I am literally building every single aspect of this dresser. My patience needle is moving towards irritation. Right now, I am feeling the extra cost for assembly pieces is so worth the money. Shoot! Waiting three months to receive furniture from Ashley Furniture is becoming more appealing.

Yes, I know there is lots of satisfaction of putting a piece of furniture together with your own hands. However, at my age, I have put enough furniture together that my satisfaction meter is on full; it is time for relaxation and enjoyment.

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YEA, I reached step 10! Six more steps to go to I am finish. Yes, I am already thinking about the end.

YEA! I reached Step 10. Six more steps to go to a finished product.

Break time over. Back to Step 10, attaching item 11 (attach tan plastics things to drawer letter G).

Do not ask me how long it took me to complete the dresser. I took a dinner break and washed the new comforter and sheets, purchased from Target and Home Goods. Of course, I had to put on the new mattress pad from Mattress Firm/ Sleepy’s; on a bed that I put together last night. So….. the build took a long time. 😬

UGH! I made my first mistake. This is what I get for complaining and not paying attention. The tan number 11 plastics pieces goes only on one end of the board; I placed them on both ends.

Two down six to go πŸ˜¬πŸ™„
Door frames (step 11) are almost complete.

Admiring my workmanship, not bad for a beginner wood builder; well MDF builder.

Not bad for a beginner woodworker.

Guys! I just made a drawer! Okay, my attitude has changed and meter pointing towards HIGHLY SATISFIED! I made a drawer and it feels good! πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½  And it is sturdy! πŸ˜‹

The handles are plastic and ugly. But it is okay because I am placing the dresser in the closet as part of my closet organizer on budget, very low budget. 

Three more steps remaining and have all these screws/parts remaining to assemble. I got my second wind. If you are curious the time is now 10:34pm and I began around 5:00pm.😬 

Fingers crossed that I placed the drawer track on correctly. 🀞🏾

Yes, I know this is an unusual blog; me providing step-by-step instruction on my progress. Shoot, this mama is feeling Proud! 

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FOLKS, the last screw has been installed. WOO-HOO! I did it! Time to insert the drawers.🀞🏾 Confession: I just pushed away the thought, “Do not “bust-up” the dresser if the drawers do not fit.” πŸ₯΄

TA-DA! All done! I have to tell you this inexpensive dresser is heavy and sturdy! 

Remember when I said inexpensive. This is an inexpensive, very low budge closet organization project. You can get no cheaper than this double hang adjustable closet rod from Bed Bath and Beyond for only $15.00 and minus the 20% off with a coupon.

If you do not have a Bed Bath and Beyond coupon, log onto the website, give your email address and you will be sent a coupon. On the positive, the coupon never expire. If you have expired coupons you have shop in the store. The website does not accept expired coupons.


I also purchased this show rack that will be placed in her second closet. I will create a show tower and place it in the other closet or doing only a two levels; I will let her decide. 

If you need extra closet space, some organization and on a very tight budget, here is your solution. I can promise you this is last piece of furniture I will be building. Saturday Fun? HA! πŸ₯΄


Building process from beginning to end.

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