Simply Marvelous! A Room for a Young Woman

What is a Good Parent? A good parent strives to be the best they can be. Along their journey of parenthood, they make mistakes, admit their mistakes then dust themself off and try again.

My revision to definition of a “What is a Good Mother?”

I have so many projects going on that I’m going around in circles. One child moves out and in order to get the other child moved into to a bigger room, adjustments are needed. So, we went from a young teenager to a college student and from a college student to a young working woman.

The goal for this young woman’s bedroom is to create a space that fits her eclectic, adventurous and sophisticated personality. A place where she can entertain (or as they call it “pre-game”) with friends.  Of course, my mind instantly went to a small NYC apartment with the essentials for a college student.


The first upgrade was the bed, which was not an easy decision. My daughter is big on maintaining space. Her sister’s queen bed, which was not your standard queen (purchased from IKEA over years ago) was huge and sucked up the space in the room. So, my youngest was hesitant but ready to move up to a “big girl” bed. 🥰


This is a picture when I redecorated my daughter’s room, in 2020, when she returned home from living on campus. Twin bed from Wayfair

AFTER – Big Girl Bed

Full size bed from Wayfair

As you can see, we maintained the bed theme. I feel it gives a classic-timeless look. I thought the wings would be a little larger. Nevertheless, I still love the bed.


Since space is limited, I utilized the top of dresser to serve as an entertainment area. The wall and ledge will extend the bar area. To provide the room with some glam, I chose a silver dresser that was purchased from Overstock.

Previously, she had a long black and silver dresser, which would fit perfectly with the new room decor. However, the size of the dresser and the full size bed in the space would have her doing the sideways shuffle (and yes, it is a real dance 😜 ).

It is official, I am in love with acrylic/lucite! This bench is GORGEOUS! 😍

Sexy legs!


By the way, I am adding woodworker, chest builder to my resume. Stay tuned to for how THE BEAST almost ripped out every ounce of sanity I possess. 😖



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