My Cozy Guest Room

Houseguests should be regarded as perishables: leave them out too long and they go bad.

Erma Bombeck

Every morning, I come downstairs to my cozy guest room and I immediately feel at peace. The soft neutrals brings a sense of calmness. 

A Faux Pau? Bedside Tables

So I am creeping (more like stalking) on Steve Cordney Instagram page; just admiring his beautiful home and decorating style. I come across a twin bed Instagram post. All I hear is  “UH-OH” 😳 and the TikTok song when a person realizes they made a mistake flood my thoughts. “You thought you were done with decorating your guest room”. 

Image courtesy of Interior Designer Steve Cordnoy

Logic hit hard! You have two bedside tables for a twin bed. 🤦🏾‍♀️ Why would person who sleeps in a twin need a table on the left and the right? Bedside tables are place on each side of the bed to balance the bed and provide each person their own table/space. What is one person, sleeping in a twin bed going to do; roll to the left to get something then rollover to the right? It does not make sense. 🤦🏾‍♀️

My cozy little guest room

Then I came to my rescue!  The daybed from my office was being relocated to the guest room and the second bedside table and lamp was for the daybed. WHEW! Recovered from that “Faux Pau” before posting my TA-DA picture.

Hours later…… I like the current layout with the tables on each side of the bed. Also, I will fight these urges to redesign the room and place the bed against the wall, UGH! ðŸ¤¦ðŸ¾â€â™€ï¸

Okay, I think I saved myself from myself. Hey, I cannot help it! One of the traits of a Libra is “indecisiveness”. 😜 So, while browsing Pinterest, I found twin bedrooms paired with a bedside tables; this mama is back to feeling good!

Floor Lamp 

When I laid my eyes on this floor lamp, I had to have it. Feeling accomplished, I strutted around HomeGoods like a Peacock, all eyes were on me and I responded with a nod and a smile.  

Photo by David Atkins on
Yes, I need a bigger vehicle.

Then I brought the lamp home… The shade is too large. I tried every corner of the room and the lamp it is too large for the room. Sadly, I will be returning the lamp; this is what I get for being so cocky in Home Goods.🥴

After weeks of searching for the perfect floor lamp; well, I found the perfect floor, the CB2 Capullo Glass floor lamp. I just do not want to pay $400.00. My plan is to wait to Black Friday to see if it goes on sale. In the meantime, I selected a cute little lamp from World Market, which looks great, if I say so myself. 

World Market – Walnut Wood and Glass Cloche Ryan Table Lamp, $59.99

Let’s Play a Game!

When I think of a guest room, it should offer a guest relaxation and provide a little entertainment, other than books and magazines. To incorporate my love for classic movies, I gathered clips from some of my favorite movies and created some wall art. Now, my guests can play a little game of “Guess the Movie”; how many can you name? 😊 

Entertainment wall #1
How many movies can you name?


Many of the decor items in my cozy little guest room are pieces from projects that did not work out or I relocated from other areas of my home. For instance, the ottomans were purchased for my daughter’s new home; she did not like the buttons. The wood buffet table is an old piece that was given to me over twenty years ago and now using as a dresser.

  • To add a pop of color, I have a reason to purchase the black rotary phone that’s been sitting in my Amazon cart.
  • The rug and bedside tables are from HomeSense.
  • I loved the wood hilo piece (from Kirkland’s) I purchased for my daughter’s office/guest room that I had to get one for my guest room, along with a hilo pillow. New obsession, anything hilo and sherpa.
  • The white wood beaded lamps and bed pillows are from Home Goods/Home Sense.
  • Those cute little wood heart beads around the wine cork jug is from Inspire Me! Home Decor.
  • I never thought I would love sherpa, but I am so in love with this cute chunky sherpa chair from Target, which a reviewer said reminds her of a toilet, and she is right! I love my sherpa toilet chair!

I love my guest room so much, I cannot keep myself out of it and taking glances. 😊 

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