It’s Been a Merry COVID Christmas!

Holiday Mantra: maintain traditions, create memories, and adjust to new environment.

….. to the best of my ability – — Me.

YUP, COVID-19 has hit my home! I knew too many people who have contracted COVID and thank God they recovered. Now, my daughter who is vaccinated contracted COVID. Trust me this is not a vaccination debate blog. Due to job requirements, we both are vaccinated.

I am in disbelief and trying very hard to keep this sadness, from losing my dad on Christmas Eve in 2019, bottled up. In my quest to accomplish my holiday mantra, I was determine to create new memories, celebrate life and maintain traditions.

Ahead of Schedule

Where do I begin? …… There is no better place than the beginning.

I was adamant on not getting behind on decorating the inside and outside the house this year. So, a couple of days before Thanksgiving, the lights were already hung on the outside. I am feeling especially excited because I am keeping last year’s Charlie Brown tree and color scheme, silver and blue. My dining room Christmas tablescape design was also decided last year; the theme is “snowballs”.

Say Hello to Charlie – I do not own the rights to this song

Unbeknown to me, birds became part of the Christmas decor, which is not a good thing. Ever since I had my daughter watch Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds” (one of my favorite classic movies) and a bird flying through my bathroom window, we are not big fans of birds.

2019 Christmas Decorations

Big Bear Lodge

My family suffered a sudden loss after Thanksgiving and we needed to join together to remember and celebrate life. The best remedy was a family winter getaway at Big Bear Lodge! Definitely making this a new tradition.

Big Bear Lodge – I do not own the rights to this song
Big Bear Lodge

New Tradition

Christmas Eve arrived and I was scared; I did not want to feel the pain. Arlington Cemetery was beautiful! I felt my heart hurting the closer I got to my dad’s stone. My eyes were blinded by tears and I broke down. Then I remembered he would not like all this “commotion”. He would say, “What’s wrong with you! What are you crying for!” My response: “I just miss you Papa”, sucking in my tears like a toddler. 😂 Next year, I will be volunteering to place wreaths on the stones. ♥️

Adjusting to Our New Environment

Thanks to technology, COVID did not win. My girls and I adjusted to our environment and exchanged gifts via FaceTime.

2021 Christmas Gift Exchange

Then we found this FaceTime feature 😂

Hope You Had a Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday!🎄

Merry COVID Christmas! I do not own the rights to this song.

Thank you for visiting my blog!

Have a Happy and Safe New Year!

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