It’s Been a Merry COVID Christmas!

Holiday Mantra: maintain traditions, create memories, and adjust to new environment. ….. to the best of my ability – — Me. YUP, COVID-19 has hit my home! I knew too many people who have contracted COVID and thank God they recovered. Now, my daughter who is vaccinated contracted COVID. Trust me this is not aContinue reading “It’s Been a Merry COVID Christmas!”

I said, “Yes to the Invite!” – Traveling During COVID

2019 and 2020 were rough, to say the least. When the news arrived my daughter’s best friend is getting married in March 2021 in Puerto Rico, to one of my favorite people, 😉 I was ecstatic! 💃🏽 In October 2020, I missed an important wedding; it was way too soon (in the height of theContinue reading “I said, “Yes to the Invite!” – Traveling During COVID”