A Funky Kind of Day – “And Yes, This is a Wine Review!”

I pull into the driveway and I see my teenage girls taking out the trash. “Hmm… I wonder what they are up to.” Sticking my head out the window and with a half-smile, I say, “Hello Girls.”  I’m ambushed with “THE HOUSE STINKS!” “It smells like (wait for it)…FARTS!” Ugh! I hate that word. TheContinue reading “A Funky Kind of Day – “And Yes, This is a Wine Review!””

It’s Just the Little Things!

It’s Friday, 9:50pm, I’m at The Professional’s place.  While he’s out,  I’m relaxing and listening to Dr. Jenn Bermann Love and Sex Show on Cosmo SiriusXM radio. Dr. Jenn is a psychotherapist with an expertise on marriage, family and children. She gives great advice on all areas of life, not just love and sex. A lady called seeking advice on how toContinue reading “It’s Just the Little Things!”