My Inspire Me! Home Decor New Product Drops and Secrets

When I started blogging on home decor (11/2019) and searching for home decor Instagram accounts, Farah Merhi, founder and designer of Inspire Me Home Decor, was one of the first Instagram accounts I followed. I was instantly addicted to her home decor products, which can be found on

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I was drawn to Farah’s Instagram page because of her openness to engage her fans in decorating and designing her home, which is BEAUTIFUL! She’s also inspiring. 

If you are like me, you love “Inspire Me Home Decor” Fridays New Product Drops. Your adrenaline is running and you must move FAST. You are adding items to your cart like you are at a flea market ( grabbing that find you know is going to be worth riches) before the person next to you get their hands on it.  

Sorry guys, if you thought this blog was about divulging my secrets on how to get Inspire Me Home Decor products when they first drop before they are sold out, NOPE! I can not give, well, will not give up all my secrets. 🙂 But I will share, Farah always previews some of the new products on her Instagram account. 

TIP: view, take note of what you want and most importantly, DO NOT WAIT TO THE END OF THE DAY to purchase. Trust me, others have their eye on the same product and it will be gone. Okay, I shared more than one secret.  

Here is a peak at my latest orders from Inspire Me Home Decor.

I’m already smiling and I haven’t seen the items. Love the packaging: beautiful black crinkled paper with Thank You and Care instruction cards.
The plan was to reveal the items with my followers. As you can see that was not happening.

One thing you do not have to worry is receiving a broken item. 🙂

Reveal Time!

Say hello to this MARVELOUS Ginger Jar!

I styled the Ginger Jar next to the barcart from Wayfair, for now. The LOVELY real touch peonies have been added to the vase with the pink and white roses and coasters, which are also from Inspire Me Home Decor.

Love this cute little gold dispenser; it has a metal liner, similar to an insulated coffee mug. It’s intended to hold oil. But, I purchase the dispenser to hold creamer that isn’t supposed to be refrigerated. It’s going to be a great addition to my coffee station.

As soon I saw this mug I had to be mine and it describes me perfectly. I’m so not a morning person, at least not before my first cup of coffee. 🙂

Last but not least, LOVE this tray with its gold skirt, hammered handles, smooth textured glass and round peg feet. I’m waiting to receive one more order from the Inspire Me Home Decor Friday New Product Drop; I will be able to style this BEAUTIFUL tray; so stay tuned!

Since this is an Inspire Me Home Decor Products blog, I decided to share my other Inspire Me finds: A stunning glass vase, grape vines spoons, gold hammered jar, gold circular candle holder, marble and gold trimmed tray and white and pink roses.

Visit Farah’s website to view more home decor products, which are available on sites such as, Amazon, QVC, Wayfair, to name a few. If you are intrigued about Farah, as much as I am, purchase her book, which I can not wait to read. 

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UPDATE: I’m proud to announce that I partnered with “Inspire Me Home Decor” Affiliate Program. If you love or want to become obsessed with Inspire Me Home Decor products as much as I:

1st – click on my link Inspire Me Home Decor;

2nd – sign-up for the rewards program, so you too can receive benefits and


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