Welcome Home Isabelle!

Living Room Transformation

My living room transformation is coming along smoothly. I finally made a decision after two weeks and selected a new coffee table. I deterred from my original design plan. Shoot! I have been deterring, swerving during this entire living room remodeling. The original design plan did not include a Primrose mirror and all gold end tables. I can not help myself; when I see a decor piece that makes my heart skip a beat, I have to have it and I will worry about finding a home for the new piece later.

There are three more pieces of my living transformation that require updating: the sofa, loveseat and china cabinet, which mother-dear will be acquiring next year when she relocates to Virginia.  As of today, (Lord knows I will change my mind) the sofa will be replaced with Zgallerie’s Lucas or Ventura sofas; the Lucas is my first choice. Ok, I digress, as usual, this is not a blog on sofas.

After weeks of searching and second-guessing my design plan, which was select a minimalist coffee table that will not take away from my Primrose mirror grandness, my OCD kicked in full force. I need to break up the gold, there is just too much gold. Maybe I do not need to buy a new coffee table; I will just spray paint the black table legs gold. No, better idea, I will choose a silver table.

So, the search continues and hours are spent on the internet searching for a simple minimalist silver coffee table, preferably silver leaf, no chrome. The search was coming up empty, nothing was making my heart skip a beat and I did not want to settle. Ding Ding! I need to search “silver and wood coffee table” or “gold and wood coffee table”. Finding a table that meets this description would bring me back to my original design plan, which is enhance the wood and brass elements on the bookcases and the metal wall art.  I ended up on Walmart.com and found the unique Heleris coffee table that made my heart skip and do cartwheels. Walmart had one table left and I immediately purchased the table. YAAY! I found my table and she is magnificent with a touch of masculinity!

Heleris Coffee Table $470.00 – Photo courtesy of Walmart.com

THEN…. an hour passed and my thoughts became my worst enemy AGAIN. “I thought you wanted a simple silver table? I thought you did not want a table that will take attention away from the Primrose mirror?” You know what occurred next; I cancelled the order and the search continued. OH VEY!

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto on Pexels.com

Welcome Home Isabelle!

Days later, I found Safavich Couture Isabelle acrylic and gold storage coffee table. She, “Isabelle” is glamorous and took my breath away. Yes, she is far from a simple silver table, but I knew her place was in my home.

The Safavich Couture Isabelle coffee table is available at Perigold, Wayfair.com’s sister store for $680.00 and at Bloomingdales for $839.40. So, the bargain hunter in me found Isabelle for sale on Walmart.com for only $628.00; a $52.00 savings. Before purchasing, I wanted to ensure the coffee table sold on Walmart.com is the same as sold on Perigold. Per a Forbes article, there is no difference in the furniture. This is the first time I ordered furniture from Walmart.com and probably my last…

Isabelle was scheduled to arrive in 5-7 days. After two weeks, I inquired with Walmart and was told FedEX shows the table was delivered, the previous week, and left in front of my garage. I’ve been in my home for 24 years and never had a package stolen from in front of my house. I do not believe the coffee table was stolen from my house; I think the delivery guys kept the coffee table.

After weeks of investigation, I finally received a replacement. It’s been a long time waiting, Isabelle is finally home and I’m in LOVE! ❤️

This is my first square table and I’m still messing around with the tablescaping.

Remember to Love Life and Do What Brings You Joy!

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