Happy Valentine’s Day!

I love to have a touch of Valentine’s around my home. I especially love any excuse to show my girls how I much love. Since they were little, I gave them a Valentine’s Day gift. Yes, they receive love everyday. But, there is nothing wrong with having a special day just for love. ♥️

My Valentine’s Day Home Decor. The Love sign is in my foyer and from Pier 1; other products are from Home Goods and flowers from Amazon.

Y’all see that video with the music? YUP! Your girl is enhancing her website skills and it only took me 4 hours to learn. 😜

I redecorated my bar cart with this beautiful silver heart from Inspire Me! Home Decor

Valentine’s Day does not have to be a day of gloom. I truly believe each one of us have someone that we love or care about deeply. Love for ourselves, a child, a friend, a parent, grandparent, sibling, a significant other, a pet or a higher power, for me that is God. ♥️ Our country, the USA, so badly need to spread love and not hate.

On this day of love, you could place a smile on a person’s face by purchasing flowers and distributing them to children in a hospital or to a nursing home. Remember, in grammar/elementary school, those little Valentine’s Day card that you gave to classmates. Well, CVS, Walgreens and Giant Foods still sell those fun Valentine’s Day cards and those heart candies. 😊

Folks, I’m just trying to show that there are many ways to express love. Remember, self-love is just as important. This year, Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday; you could attend a virtual service or pray and give thanks in your home.

Photo by Ric Rodrigues on Pexels.com

Ok, I did not expect this blog to go this direction. But, I write what is on my mind and how I feel. I hope no one is offended; it is not my intention. Now, for some Valentine’s Day laughter. I purchased Explosion Boxes from http://www.sendacake.com. I will just say their reaction is not what I expected. 😂

Since the boxes contained a mini cake, I gave the girls their gift on February 11th, the day of delivery. The boxes contained a mini cake, candy, and floating butterflies. I personalized the boxes with photos. This was a Great Valentine’s Day surprise! 😂

I have watched this video at least ten times and I crack-up laughing every time! They said it was terrifying. 😂

Happy Valentine’s Day, Everyone! ♥️

Remember to Love Life and Do What Brings You Joy!

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