Ghost Pines – Red, Black and Blue Berries Galore!

At First Taste I’m so impressed by Ghost Pines Red Blend! A last minute wine selection turned to a wonderful surprise. We are greeted with BOLD aromas of strawberries that my husband and I in unison said, “Do you smell that, wild strawberries?!” Eyes bright and head nodding in agreement, acknowledging this wine is good.Continue reading “Ghost Pines – Red, Black and Blue Berries Galore!”

Mariana Vineyard – 2011 Sauvignon Blanc Paso Robles – A Wine Worth Writing About

Reflection We are relaxing after a very busy work weekend, watching “Regarding Henry” and enjoying our Digiorno (must be spoken with an accent 🙂 ) and salad. Watching this movie, it is difficult not to reflect on your life and how important it is to appreciate the good things life has to offer. Henry (playedContinue reading “Mariana Vineyard – 2011 Sauvignon Blanc Paso Robles – A Wine Worth Writing About”

2012 “Frenchie”, Benjamin Franklin Red Wine – Not Just for Dog Lovers!

I am so impressed with how my girlfriend’s appreciation for wine has progressed. I remember when she would only drink Glen Ellen White Zinfandel. (Yes, I’m sure many of us can relate; in the beginning, White Zinfandel was our wine of choice. Shoot, at one time, I recall when White Zinfandel was the number consumedContinue reading “2012 “Frenchie”, Benjamin Franklin Red Wine – Not Just for Dog Lovers!”

2014 Halos de Jupiter, Cotes du Rhone

Your Everyday Drinking Wine I’m at Total Wines to pick-up a bottle of wine for a friend. My radar goes off and I spot a wine tasting. I do not know about you, but I can not pass-by a wine tasting. I’m purchasing a wine for a friend, whose wine consumption consist only of MĂ©nageContinue reading “2014 Halos de Jupiter, Cotes du Rhone”


This is FANTASTIC!   For the past few days, I have been under the weather. I do not know if it was due too excessive heat. Regardless, my bug has passed and I see a bottle in the refrigerator with a red label, which I recall purchasing (Intrinsic) from Total Wines. “Hmmmm, let me seeContinue reading “2014 INTRINSIC – SENSORY OVERLOAD!”

Trummer’s Coffee and Wine Bar’s Wine Flight

  It’s sunny, hot and too late to drive to a vineyard. Desperately wanting to try something new, I remembered a coffee and wine bar that opened last year called Trummer’s Coffee and Wine Bar, Gainsville, VA; coffee and wine, my two main indulgences. Wine Flight (very small sample of available wines) Trummer’s offers threeContinue reading “Trummer’s Coffee and Wine Bar’s Wine Flight”


  On February 8, 2016, I posted a blog title “Orange Wine”. The research material that was utilized for my blog had inaccurate information. It was reported that UK Wine Merchant David Harvey “accidentally” created the term “Orange Wine”. Well, Mr. Harvey himself contact me and provided accurate information. YES, MR. DAVID HARVEY! 🙂 IContinue reading “The Legendary Mr. David A. Harvey – ORIGINS OF MODERN USAGE OF ORANGE WINE”

Still in a Zin Mood – Brazin 2013 Old Vine Zinfandel

  Goodness, I hope the scent of nail polish remover is coming from my fresh manicure that was done two hours ago and not from this Brazin 2013 Old Vine Zinfandel (Lodi, CA). LAWD JESUS, let’s get this wine tasting started so I can decide if it’s going to be a Knob Creek evening :).Continue reading “Still in a Zin Mood – Brazin 2013 Old Vine Zinfandel”

Pinnacoli 2012 Primitivo & LaGloria Series R

The Cure for Mars-Mercury Retrograde You know you are in for treat when you pop the cork and you are greeted with a blast fruity aromas. There’s a haze of aromas in the air and a slight breeze just carried it away. Mmmm… thus far, Pinnacoli 2012 Primitivo Di Manduria is off to a greatContinue reading “Pinnacoli 2012 Primitivo & LaGloria Series R”