Announcing Our New Book – “The Puros Diary vol.1”

  Challenges of the Self-Publishing The self-publishing process to release an affordable and quality product has been daunting. Without a major publishing company to cover sales, printing and marketing expenses, which are outrageous, prevents an author to release a product at large volume and for a reasonable sale price. Even though troublesome and days ofContinue reading “Announcing Our New Book – “The Puros Diary vol.1””

Justin Cabernet Sauvignon and its Many Accolades

    When a wine makes your eyes close and your head sways and at that moment, it’s just you and the wine. You have just experience, what I refer to as “Wine Utopia”. Justin Cabernet Sauvignon has done just that! Right smack in the middle of Matchbox, Woodbridge, VA.   After 3 hours forContinue reading “Justin Cabernet Sauvignon and its Many Accolades”

“Sunshine in a Bottle” – Cana Vineyards 2012 Rhapsody in White

  Note. This blog was written during my “blogging block”. I had no trouble sipping just to lazy or tipsy to post. As an FYI, there are a few more wine blogs coming that was created during this temporary phase of blockage.     Cana Vineyards 2012 Rhapsody in White – I selected this wine becauseContinue reading ““Sunshine in a Bottle” – Cana Vineyards 2012 Rhapsody in White”

The Federalist and Tobaccology to the Rescue!

  Don’t you love when your friends gift you with a good bottle of wine. My first experience of “The Federalist Zinfandel, 2014” was gifted during the Washington, DC area 2016 Blizzard. Before I describe the wine, l first have to give applause to Tobaccology for being the Number One Cigar Shop and Lounge inContinue reading “The Federalist and Tobaccology to the Rescue!”

Rome Anejo and Petit Verdot

  ROME Anejo, at first puff, produces full peppery flavors with a hint of mineral that reminds me of Cabernet Franc. (I find myself continuously sniffing the cigar wrapper). This a smooth medium-full bodied smoke with a slight cocoa aroma and taste; very nice!  BACKGROUND Romeo y Julieta cigars, named after Shakespeare’s play, was createdContinue reading “Rome Anejo and Petit Verdot”

Varietals Pronunciation and Characteristics

  Cleaning out my email, I came across an excerpt on “Varietal Characteristics” written by James Laube and James Moleworth that was posted on April 13, 1996. I’m assuming I saved the excerpt from Wine Spectator magazine website or email. What is fascinating the authors demonstrating to the reader the correct pronunciation of varietals, atContinue reading “Varietals Pronunciation and Characteristics”

Variety versus Varietal, Do You Know the Difference?

  “Variety” and “Varietal” are two words that are used interchangeable frequently. Years ago, I read if you are referring to a grape, you say “variety” and “varietal” is used when you are referring to the wine. As of today, I continue to read and hear the words misspoken. Therefore, I am updating my research andContinue reading “Variety versus Varietal, Do You Know the Difference?”

Josh and AVO – A Magnificent Pair

On this nice pre-Spring day, the bees are already out and the birds are chirping. Before the sun sets and to relieve this stress that has me knots, a 2012 Josh (Josh Cellars) Pinot Noir is calling my name. Josh has vibrant ruby color and its bright cherry aroma is welcoming me. “Well, Hello Josh!”Continue reading “Josh and AVO – A Magnificent Pair”

“Rose of Sharon” – Sparkly Delicious!

  I’m hesitate in drinking Willowcroft’s 2014 “Rose of Sharon” rose. Since, I’m out of everyday drinking wine, I have no other options. Plus, I’m too lazy to drive 45 minutes to a vineyard or drive to a wine shop. Bottom line I’m just being plain lazy. Therefore, this Saturday afternoon, “Rose of Sharon” willContinue reading ““Rose of Sharon” – Sparkly Delicious!”