It’s Just the Little Things!

It’s Friday, 9:50pm, I’m at The Professional’s place.  While he’s out,  I’m relaxing and listening to Dr. Jenn Bermann Love and Sex Show on Cosmo SiriusXM radio. Dr. Jenn is a psychotherapist with an expertise on marriage, family and children. She gives great advice on all areas of life, not just love and sex. A lady called seeking advice on how toContinue reading “It’s Just the Little Things!”

17-Days Diet Challenge – CRAVINGS!

I want to apologize for the long delay in blogging. I don’t sit down at the laptop often and WordPress can’t seem to get their iPad app to successfully load pictures. 8/16/12 – I write this update with a full stomach from a slice of slice of delicious mouth watering cheese pizza. Now, i’m enjoying a cupContinue reading “17-Days Diet Challenge – CRAVINGS!”

Dundee Hills, Oregon – Pinot Noir

8-2-12 @ 10:16pm – While my 19-year-old daughter is watching Ice Age, I have wine on the brain. Since, I can’t drink it; I will write and read about wine. I have to tell you that it’s great to have a significant other who supports you and understands your passion of wine. The Professional savedContinue reading “Dundee Hills, Oregon – Pinot Noir”

2006 Los Rocas Garnacha

Since, I’m not having wine while on the “17 Days Diet Challenge”.  I decided to share a wine review, which has been updated, on one of my favorite wines. Enjoy! 6/2/09 – I couldn’t wait to sip this wine so it could remind me of what I’ve always loved.  YUM! A nice full-bodied red wine with a creamy smoothContinue reading “2006 Los Rocas Garnacha”

17 Days Diet Challenge – “Hello Lucy”

Today, 8/1/12 (Day 7) –  ALLEUIAH, THE HUNGER PAINS HAVE SUBSIDED! I no longer have sugar cravings. I have completing converted to Truivia, which is ten times better and sweeter than Purevia. I have to admit that I did not eliminate coffee as instructed in the Challenge. I decreased the coffee from three 16 ounces to one 16 ounceContinue reading “17 Days Diet Challenge – “Hello Lucy””

Grape and Bean – A Delightful Experience

The Professional has done it again. Who would have thought on this Saturday night I would be indulging in bliss. Nestled deep in the streets of Old Town Alexandria, we arrive to this small brick front restaurant.  I would describe it as a café but has the cuisine and wine selection of a top-rated restaurant.Continue reading “Grape and Bean – A Delightful Experience”