It’s Just the Little Things!

It’s Friday, 9:50pm, I’m at The Professional’s place.  While he’s out,  I’m relaxing and listening to Dr. Jenn Bermann Love and Sex Show on Cosmo SiriusXM radio. Dr. Jenn is a psychotherapist with an expertise on marriage, family and children. She gives great advice on all areas of life, not just love and sex. A lady called seeking advice on how to talk to her husband about adoption. A young woman who is having trouble supporting her friend’s engagement to a verbally abusive man. Then there’s the woman who’s been married for 30years, vibrate and has a healthy sex drive but her husband’s sex drive is gone and they haven’t had sex in a year. She feels guilty for having thoughts of having an affair. Folks, this woman, Dr. Jenn is AWESOME! Dr. Jenn also the host of VH1 Couples Therapy; 2nd season begins this Fall 2012. For more information go to

I’m settled and I have to tell you when I’m here I feel like I’m on a  mini getaway. It’s peaceful, quiet and he pampers me 🙂 like bringing me coffee and breakfast in bed, its just the little things. ❤

It’s time to have my first glass of wine of the week. DECISIONS DECISIONS… He has an awesome selection. I head to the closet/wine cellar & pull out a Cefiro a Chilean wine, a Carmenere, ehh…, keep searching. Next I pull out a Cabernet Sauvignon- did it, then I see red flames.. Garnacha de Fuego, now this looks interesting. I do love Garnacha. So, Garnacha de Fuego is the big winner! “I hope this is good” creeps in my head. I immediately shake out the negative thoughts. At this point, Two Buck Chuck would be good. Let me say, I’m not bad mouthing Two Buck Chuck. When they won the San Diego award, without a hesitation, I drove 14 miles to Trader Joes, which I love, to taste the award winning Chardonnay. I WAS NOT IMPRESS 😦 and wondered about the competition. Just got a little side-tracked 😉

Back to Garnacha de Fuego. I pull out the fancy dancy corkscrew, “The Rabbit” WHY OH WHY, CAN’T THERE BE A REGULAR CORKSCREW??? (searching through kitchen drawers). Do we really need this big metal contraption to open a bottle. The corkscrew is not that difficult to operate. (Exhale) no normal corkscrew in this place. Examining “The Rabbit”, I flip, squeeze and wal-la the synthetic cork is out. WOW, I DID IT! (grinning from ear to ear, nodding) I DID IT! I conquered the infamous “Rabbit”!

Time to pour… I’m laughing out loud thinking about y’all reading this, “When in the hell is she going to taste the wine.” LOL I already did! But I have to share with you my experince. 😀

I just scrolled up, Goodness, this is a long… :/  Okay, quickly, I pour the wine, I took a double take, I thought I saw the color purple and realized it was a reflection from my iPhone case 🙂 Sniff- berries aromas, Sip- fruit forward, slight woodsy with a spicy finish, nice firm tannins.

He’s home. See, this is exactly what I mean, he attends a La Gloria event at his cigar lounge and brings me back a gift. It’s just the little things. ❤❤❤

By the way, pouring a second glass there’s definitely a deep grapy color 😉


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