Blast from the Past – 2007 Lello Douro

Due to medical issues, my wine tasting went from decrease to seize. Today, I’m sharing a wine review from January 2012. You will immediately notice that my writing style has change greatly; there is no need to take a bathroom break. 🙂 Blast from the Past – 2007 Lello Douro  I’m sipping on Lello Douro,Continue reading “Blast from the Past – 2007 Lello Douro”

Mother’s Day Out – Lilit Café & Spanish Quarter

It’s a gray and wet Saturday, we are in route to a champagne tasting at Paul’s Wine & Spirits, Bethesda, MD. We quickly find out the email announcement had the wrong date; the champagne tasting was on Friday. I said irritable, “they could have at least sent out a corrected email”. He smiles, understanding myContinue reading “Mother’s Day Out – Lilit Café & Spanish Quarter”

2006 Tumara Pinotage – “You’ve Been Missed”

2006 Tumara Pinotage – I Miss You! Let me begin with “I Miss You!” You never know how you miss communication with individual(s) or an object until it becomes obsolete or missing in action. It’s been 3 weeks and my laptop is still undergoing repairs. A power cord connection repair turned into replacement of theContinue reading “2006 Tumara Pinotage – “You’ve Been Missed””

A Pleasurable Experience – Chrysalis Vineyards Papillon

A Pleasurable Experience – Chrysalis Vineyards Papillon.  Color – beautiful garnet color; aromas – spicy, peppery, earthy and a slight cocoa; taste – blackberries, pepper and earthy flavors, long smooth finish and firm tannins. DELICIOUS! This wine has aged very well!

A Pleasurable Experience – Chrysalis Vineyards Papillon

I need to start this review off with a rule. Before you taste wine, be cognizant of your surroundings. The aromas in the air will affect your tasting. So, if you’re next to someone who has doused themselves in perfume or cologne, casually step aside. When you are sniffing wine, position your head in theContinue reading “A Pleasurable Experience – Chrysalis Vineyards Papillon”

“Campo Take Me Away…”

2007 Campo Veijo Rioja, Tempranillo Composition: 85% Tempranillo, 10% Graciano, and 5% Mazuelo It’s no one’s fault but my own, I made the decision to work late, AGAIN! I’m exhausted and irritated that my teen does not want to order pizza. She has informed me of the number of times we’ve ordered out this week.Continue reading ““Campo Take Me Away…””

GREAT, GREAT and GREAT! Palermo, Prisoner and Papillon!

Orin Swift It’s Saturday evening and we are at our local wine shop/restaurant, WineStyles. We see the friendly wine distributor, who always makes a comment about “The Professional” resembling Robert DeNiro. We smile…it’s nice to be remembered. Thus far, I’ve collected plenty of white wines for the upcoming warm weather. Yes, it is typical toContinue reading “GREAT, GREAT and GREAT! Palermo, Prisoner and Papillon!”