Dundee Hills, Oregon – Pinot Noir

8-2-12 @ 10:16pm – While my 19-year-old daughter is watching Ice Age, I have wine on the brain. Since, I can’t drink it; I will write and read about wine. I have to tell you that it’s great to have a significant other who supports you and understands your passion of wine. The Professional savedContinue reading “Dundee Hills, Oregon – Pinot Noir”

2006 Los Rocas Garnacha

Since, I’m not having wine while on the “17 Days Diet Challenge”.  I decided to share a wine review, which has been updated, on one of my favorite wines. Enjoy! 6/2/09 – I couldn’t wait to sip this wine so it could remind me of what I’ve always loved.  YUM! A nice full-bodied red wine with a creamy smoothContinue reading “2006 Los Rocas Garnacha”

17 Days Diet Challenge – “Hello Lucy”

Today, 8/1/12 (Day 7) –  ALLEUIAH, THE HUNGER PAINS HAVE SUBSIDED! I no longer have sugar cravings. I have completing converted to Truivia, which is ten times better and sweeter than Purevia. I have to admit that I did not eliminate coffee as instructed in the Challenge. I decreased the coffee from three 16 ounces to one 16 ounceContinue reading “17 Days Diet Challenge – “Hello Lucy””

Grape and Bean – A Delightful Experience

The Professional has done it again. Who would have thought on this Saturday night I would be indulging in bliss. Nestled deep in the streets of Old Town Alexandria, we arrive to this small brick front restaurant.  I would describe it as a café but has the cuisine and wine selection of a top-rated restaurant.Continue reading “Grape and Bean – A Delightful Experience”

Wine… For When Precious Moments Aren’t So Precious

Since my right hand is in a splint, I decided to share a review from 11-11-10. Balgownie Estate Cab Sauvignon, Australian Typically, I don’t taste a wine for the first time feeling stressed and disappointed.  This horrible mood is due to my tween’s behavior. Inhale.. Exhale… I’m trying to calm myself and all I couldContinue reading “Wine… For When Precious Moments Aren’t So Precious”

Red Wine, Is It Really Good For You??

Red Wine, Is It Really Good For You?? First, let me say that I’m sure there is research that counters Dr. Joseph’s research. I rather not discuss that since it doesn’t fit my agenda, which is expressing my love for red wine. I’m talking about the full-bodied, firm tannins red wine. 🙂 Resveratrol , theContinue reading “Red Wine, Is It Really Good For You??”