How Many Layouts Does it take to Achieve the Perfect Design?

If Only I Knew… How many times have you moved furniture around to acquire the layout that welcomes others and offers the optimum conversation? For me, a lot less than tablescaping.  I’m good at rearranging my living room and bedroom. BUT, when it comes to tablescaping that’s another story. YIKES! 😣 To improve this unpleasantContinue reading “How Many Layouts Does it take to Achieve the Perfect Design?”

Vase Styling – Tutorial Fail!

Ready for a laugh, watch me try to accomplish a tutorial on vase styling. I’ve seen Instagram home decor influencers use tape across the opening of a vase. The flowers fresh and artificial are displayed perfectly and beautifully in the vase; looks so simple. Of course, I had to try this new vase styling method.Continue reading “Vase Styling – Tutorial Fail!”

Urban Glam and MVP of the Day!

“You bring the glam and I’ll bring the Urban!” Lauryn G. Updated: September 16, 2020 This will be the first major decorating to daughter’s room since she came home from college. In addition, I will regain my bedroom, which began with me asking her to test out my new Nectar mattress. After a few months,Continue reading “Urban Glam and MVP of the Day!”

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall….

Hello, I’m back and I have a dilemma! This post is an update to my previous blog titled “Look at Me, Aren’t I Grand“. If you haven’t read that blog, go read and come back. Thank GOD I allowed my indecisiveness to run it’s course. The logical and smart voice in my head said, “MeasureContinue reading “Mirror, Mirror on the Wall….”

Living with an Adult Gen Z Creator

Classic Female Icons Since my twenties, I have always been a fan of Audrey Hepburn’s movies. My ultimate favorites are Roman Holiday, Sabrina, Wait Until Dark, The Nun’s Story and the all time classic Breakfast at Tiffany. Another female fashion icon I have been fascinated with, since my twenties, is Coco Chanel. In my opinion,Continue reading “Living with an Adult Gen Z Creator”

Retail Therapy and Riddles

It felt so good to visit Home Goods; they reopened in Northern Virginia on June 8th. On Tuesday, June 9th, I saw the announcement of the store opening, which we were originally told would be open on June 15th. I quickly informed my daughter of the news and plans were made to visit the storeContinue reading “Retail Therapy and Riddles”

Where All the Magic Happens, My Office!

Lately, the majority of my time has been spent in my office, working 10-12 hours days then doing chores that turns into unplanned projects, such as reorganizing the refrigerator. So, why not share a peak of my office.  Years ago, I reclaimed a small bedroom, which was first my daughter’s room as a toddler, thenContinue reading “Where All the Magic Happens, My Office!”